I’ve never sailed before. Can I join OUYC and what can activities can I do?

OUYC has lots to offer you if you are new to sailing. Obviously some activities will require more experience and are less suitable for novices but don’t let that put you off joining. We run social sailing every Wednesday and Saturday in Trinity term (see social sailing page). This is for all abilities, and a great way to learn how to sail! For more information contact the club’s committee.


I want to get my skipper’s license. Can I do this through OUYC?

OUYC runs most of the courses that are required for getting an RYA Dayskipper or Coastal Skipper Qualification. Through our cruises you also have the chance to gain the experience and miles needed. Finally through the club you can take the theory and practical exams. Of course whether you are ready and able to get the final qualification will depend on your individual circumstances. To find out more see our training section.


How do I join the OUYC mailing lists?

OUYC has several mailing lists. Depending on the activities you are interested in, follow the instructions below

Method 1: Using a university Single Sign On account:

  1. Visit the associated webpage for the mailing list you would like to subscribe to:
  2. Login with your Oxford University Single Sign on Account
  3. On the left hand panel click subscribe
  4. You will then receive an email confirming your subscription to the mailing list

Method 2: Subscribing directly by email

  1. Using your normal email address compose a blank email to the following email addresses associated with the mailing lists:
  2. You will receive a confirmation email.
  3. You may need to reply to this to confirm your subscription request.
  4. You will then receive an email confirming your subscription to the mailing list

Any problems contact the Web Bosun at webbosun@ouyc.co.uk


Where does the dinghy side train?

We train at Farmoor Reservoir, which is approximately 5 miles from Oxford. We try to organise lifts in a car, but there is also a very convenient bus service (S1) which runs from George Street to Farmoor.