Vice Commodore

Rachel Williams

Oversees the running of the club (both dinghy and yachting side) and organises Fresher’s Fair and OUYC committee meetings and elections. Represents the club to the Senior Committee. Contact for general information about OUYC or to contact the Senior Committee.

Membership Officer

Maria Prange-Barczynska
In charge of keeping our membership records up to date and encouraging graduating members to become Life Members.

Sponsorship Officer

Lucy Greenwood

The primary club contact for sponsorship matters.

Fixtures Secretaries 

Kylie MacFarquharson and Amelie Mennerich

Coordinates the running of OUYC’s team racing events – the Top Gun and Magnum. Feel free to contact either of them for inquiries related to these events.

Social Secretaries

Harry Cowell and Ryan Ghent

Organises social events for the whole club and the Annual Dinner.

Keelboat Officer

Inés Pont-Sanchis

Get in touch to get involved in this exciting opportunity.

Dinghy Committee

Yachting Committee

Rear Commodore

Jenny Cropley

Oversees the running of the Dinghy side. Contact Jenny for general requests concerning Dinghy sailing at OUYC.

Rear Commodore

Annika Möslein

Oversees the running of the Yachting section. Contact them for general inquiries about the yachting section, to get added to the yachting mailing list and if you’re interested in becoming a skipper or mate.

Dinghy Captain

Julia Mellers

In charge of the dinghy squad. Contact Julia to find out more about the dinghy squad and OUYC’s dinghy racing program.

Women’s Captain

Lucy Mellers

Organises the Ladies team.

Captain of Yachting

Meirian Evans

Organises the Yachting Section’s racing calendar. Contact Meirian to find out more about OUYC’s yacht racing, including BUSA, Varsity, and how to get involved. We have a preseason training weekend just before Freshers week- email us for more information!

Dinghy Treasurer

Helen Jones

Manages the Dinghy section’s finances.

Yachting Treasurer

Fraser Goldsworth

Manages the Yachting section’s finances.

Social Sailing Secretary

Harry Cowell

In charge of Social Sailing (casual dinghy sailing). Contact Harry to find out more about social sailing and to be added to the social sailing mailing list.

Cruising Secretary

Ross Gales

Organises OUYC’s cruising trips. Contact the cruising secretary to get on one of our cruising trips.