OUYC’s women train with the mixed team but also enter separate events. Our women’s training days focus on fun and building self-confidence, as well as being competitive! With this in mind, we are proud supporters of the This Girl Can campaign, which we think reflects the importance of girls being involved in sport and enjoying it.

Anyone interesting in joining the Women’s squad or finding out more can get in touch with either our ladies captain, Lucy Mellers (ladies-captain@ouyc.co.uk) or our dinghy rear commodore, Jenny Cropley (dinghy-rear-commodore@ouyc.co.uk)

Photo credits (left to right):  Nigel Vick, Lorimer MacAndrew, Nigel Vick, Nigel Vick


Our women’s first team has won the Women’s BUSA championship since 2017. Perhaps more importantly the depth of our squad was reflected by the fact that we usually have 2 women’s teams, our Mixed 1st team has been female dominated for the past few years and we also changed our Varsity Match rules to have three boat team racing to match the Mixed races. This large proportion of our membership reflects the active effort OUYC make to include women in the squad, recognising that in team racing girls have just as much to offer as boys. Sailing has historically been a male dominated sport but taking inspiration from female sailors such as the SCA team we hope to challenge this stereotype.

Our Women’s first team at Women’s BUSA 2019 with their Trophies!

Our Women’s Varsity Team 2019

(photo credits: Anthony Butler)

THIS GIRL CAN is a national campaign designed to encourage more women and girls to get active. The campaign is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery.