6 boats, 2 teams, and nonstop boat-on-boat action.

Team racing is not only enormous amounts of fun, but also the ultimate test of sailing talent, tactical understanding, and team discipline.

The OUYC team racing squad has two primary focusses every year:

BUSA/BUCS Team Racing Championships

OUYC trains 3 teams for this competitive university competition. The competition is sailed in Firefly dinghies every year and we are lucky enough to have 12 of our own for training. As a member of the squad, you can expect to receive top quality coaching to improve both your boat speed and tactical knowledge. The teams also enter multiple weekend competitions every term in order to practise for the BUSA Championships over Easter.

Oxford-Cambridge Varsity Match

Summer training turns to the Varsity match which is normally held 2 weeks after the end of Trinity term. The team racing match is sailed in keelboats at a different coastal location every year. Not only is the racing highly competitive, it is also immensely enjoyable, and the match is often hosted by highly renowned yacht clubs. What better way to start the summer!

As well as training hard, our dedicated Social Secretaries never fail to keep us in the loop on the best social events, whether that’s evening drinks after training in Oxford, or the best crew parties after a competition.

Team racing with OUYC is an unmissable experience both on and off the water!

Interested in getting involved?

We hold annual trials for potential new squad members every year in Michaelmas term. Look out for us at the Freshers Fair.

Alternatively, our Captain of Team Racing, Julia Mellers, would be more than happy to respond to any enquiries by email: dinghy-captain@ouyc.co.uk

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so as not to miss any opportunities to get involved.